how to make your dog go potty

How to potty train a dog in Apartment to use Toilet?

Follow the Steps below Patiently

Tired of taking your dog for poo/pee, and want to know how to train dog to use toilet? Isn’t it amazing to train your dog to use the toilet? Sounding silly, but it can be done. It is possible to potty training dog in apartment. Patiently following the step below and you will the way how to make your dog go potty. 

Step 1:-

a. Step first is selecting codeword(like pee-pee)that your dog can associate with bathroom and toilet like “sit” “come” etc. This is important method to know while how to make puppy potty on pad.

b. It is better than in step “a” you choose a single syllable word because you can also remember that easily and your dog will also not get confused.

c. While giving training to your dog for word it is also important to train them for the place. So try to use a leash and try to bring your dog to the same place(bathroom) again and again.

d. When your dog starts excreting try to bring it to the bathroom spot and use a positive word like “Good pee-pee” and try to give it a reward by its favorite food. This will help you potty training dog in apartment faster.

want to know how to train dog to use toilet, because potty training dog in apartment is very important otherwise it will make house dirty.

Step 2:-

a. Now it’s time to land on step 2 so be patient while applying step 1.

b. Now take a wee-wee pad or plastic tub(at least 2 inches deep) and place it in the dog excreting area of the dog.

c. Take care that when your dog excretes, use the code word that you have set in step 1 and make it pee near the tub. Have patience while following this step, it will take time to potty training dog in apartment.

d. While going through the process when you rinse out your Fido try to use dish soap and water to keep it clean.

e. When you see that your dog started using the wee tub you are ready to enter stage 3.

NOTE:- Going to the bathroom is not a natural process for your dog so praise it a lot when it completes the task and be stuck on question how to train dog to use toilet?bacause it will take time and you need to be eager to wait and watch.

Step 3:-

a. While your dog is comfortable in relieving itself in the tub, move that tub next to your bathroom.

b. Make your dog used to this for at least a couple of weeks.

c. Again be patient while following these steps  while potty training dog in apartment.

d. If the dog does not follow use a firm word with a scary voice “NO”. Don’t mind much when you do not find your dog in the act. Take it as a stepping stone while potty training dog in apartment.

e. Discipline your dog if you find dos is not catching what you are saying.

NOTE:- Patience is the key. Potty training dog in apartment will take some time. But this is the tested method how to make your dog go potty.

Step 4:-

a. Your dog would have got the pattern now. Now raise the tray/tub(6 inches at one time) till is leveled parallel with your toilet.

b. Take care of the support that is holding the tray(use brick). it should be firm.

c. Scare your dog when it’s not following the command but try to win the trust.

d. When your dog is comfortable with the toilet level move that tubs onto the toilet for some days.

f. Now put the toilet seat up and make a balance of that tub in the bowl of the toilet.

g. If everything is working fine you can remove the tray from the toilet.

h. Your dog will balance itself. This is the final step in potty training dog in apartment.

This is how you can potty training dog in apartment .I think you must have got the answer of the question how to train dog to use toilet?. If you have please share the content to your friends who is having dog so that they can potty training dog in apartment.

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